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Hourly Rate for Labor is $75 per hour.


Sight Installations (all  installations include bore-sighting--additional charge per hour for range time to actually sight in.)

  • Glock $30

  • All Dovetail Mounts $35

  • 1911s:  Staked front sight:  $60 (One may occasionally find this on other firearms as well.) Rear sight on same gun $20.

  • Peened $40

  • Optics installations vary somewhat according to the firearm.  For example, a pistol (for example a Glock) that is optics ready, with the customer furnishing the optic desired, $40.  If the rear sight needs to be removed, and a plate inserted in its place, $55 plus the cost of the plate (around $40-$60 additional depending on the pistol).

  • Scope installations on rifles with customer furnished scope, base  and rings, $65.


Rust Bluing

  • Most Rifles and Shotguns $350

  • Most Handguns $300

Note: Rust bluing is a time-consuming process.  Most guns require from 12-15 rustings, followed by carding away the rust to leave a beautiful black oxide finish.  It is the most durable form of bluing available and will generally outlast any cold and most hot caustic bluing.  It has been used for well over 1000 years. It was found on early Japanese swords.  In Europe it was used on straight razors. When steel firearms appeared, bluing was a necessary step to ensure that they would resist harsh weather without rusting or fowling.

For small parts that won't receive a lot of wear, Nitre bluing may be the better option.  Nitre bluing  of small parts begins at $35.

Action Work


  • Ghost 3.5 lbs Connector w/ Installation: $40 plus the cost of the connector of around $25

  • Entire trigger Job with new connector: $100

  • Hump Removal from the back strap reducing the circumference for smaller hands: $105 includes new straighter back strap.  (Includes stippling of the new back strap only.)

  • Stippling the entire grip in customer's pattern of choice: $85








1911 Pistols

  • Trigger Job: $100

  • Carry Tune Package: $125 (polish breech face, tune & polish extractor, add performance funnel to extractor cut, polish and de-burr all moving pieces, throat and ramp barrel, polish both feed ramps)

  • Carry Tune + Trigger Job: $205

  • Dovetail Sight Installation: $35

  • Dovetail Front Sight Conversion: $50

  • Convert Front Sight to Fiber Optic (sight dimensions permitting): $85

  • Stake Plunger Tube: $40

  • Install Ejector: $40

  • Fit Standard Barrel Bushing: $40

  • Fit Match Barrel Bushing Only: $60

  • Fit New Safety (single side): $60

  • Fit Ambi-Safety: $100

  • Fit Beaver-tail: $100 + $125 refinishing frame and beaver-tail

  • Bevel Magazine Well: $100

  • Forward Cocking Serrations: $100 (will require refinishing at additional cost)

  • Lower and Flare Ejection Port: $60

  • Fit match barrel and match bushing (labor only): $200

  • Bobtail Conversion: $250 labor +  Parts & Refinishing



  • A2 style Front Sight Gas Block To Low Profile Gas Block Conversion: $40 (labor only)

  • A2 style Front Sight Gas Block To Low Profile Gas Block Conversion: $85 (labor + new lo-pro SS nitrided gas block fits)

  • Assemble / Build Upper: $80 – $115 depending on configuration

  • Assemble Build Lower: $80

  • Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider Install: $25 (crush time)

  • Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider / Suppressor Mount Install: $35 (shim time)

  • Rail Installation: $60 – $80 depending on the rail (includes removing and re-installing the gas block and muzzle device)

  • Single Point Sling Adapter Install: $40 (includes staking castle nut)

  • Stake Gas Key on BCG: $20 (includes torquing of gas key bolts)

  • Stake Castle Nut: $20 (includes torquing of castle nut)

  • Trigger component install Geissele or Drop in Pack Style: $40 (add $20 if gun has ambi-selector)


Bolt Action Rifles

  • Re-crown muzzle: $80

  • Custom muzzle brake (includes threads, finish, and install): $235 (+$25 for .338 – .375 + $100 for  .400 – .50) 

  • Machine thread protector several options available including knurling: starting at $60

  • Drill and tap scope base: $23/ hole (3 hole min)

  • Pillar bed action: $250

  • Pillar bed action and barrel channel: $300

  • Inlet fiberglass stock for bottom metal: $150

  • Badger Bolt Knob Install (includes badger knob): $100

  • Custom bolt knob install: $100

  • M-16 style extractor install: $180  (including test firing)

  • Bend Bolt (most military rifles): $125

  • Trigger Job 2.0 lb – 3.5 lb on most rifles: $100

  • Mount, level, and bore-sight customer’s scope:  $60


Shotgun Pricing-Hunting Gun

  • Diagnosis for repair: $44

  • Remove dimples from magazine tube: $45

  • Custom Fit Recoil Pad: $80 + pad

  • Shorten L.O.P: $160 + new recoil pad

  • Single Barrel w/o Rib – Cut and Crown barrel: $100 (includes relocating bead)

  • Single Barrel w/ Rib – Cut and Crown barrel: $125 (includes relocating bead)

  • Cut barrel for removable chokes: $125 per barrel

  • Bead installation: $25 per bead (includes bead)

  • Drill & Tap For Picatinny Rail Installation: $23 per hole

  • Standard Strip, Clean, and Lube: $65

  • Lengthen forcing cones for lighter recoil and shot pattern: $100


Shotgun Pricing - Trap & Double Gun (SxS or O/U)

  • Diagnosis for repair: $88


Tactical Gun

  • Diagnosis for repair: $44

  • Radius and Clearance Cut Loading (Gate 3 Gun Mod): $150; does not include refinishing


Revolver Work Pricing

  • Swap Sights: $35 – $45

  • Bob Hammer: $45 (does not include refinishing)

  • Round and Smooth Trigger: $45

  • Revolver Trigger Job: $135 + Springs ($19-$29)

  • Revolver Action Job: $125

  • Action Job & Trigger Job: $225 + Springs

  • Machine cylinder for moon clips: $150

  • Polish and Chamfer Face of Cylinder: $150 (allows for faster and smoother reloading)

  • Fit New Hand (single action only): $80

  • Fit New Hand (double / single DAO): $60

  • Adjust Cylinder Timing: $80

  • Reset Barrel Cylinder Gap: $160; $80 /hr with a 2 hour minimum

  • Replace Barrel w/ NO Machine Work or Fitting: $150

  • Re-crown Barrel with Standard Crown: $100

  • Re-crown Barrel with Recessed Match Crown: $150

  • High Polish and Niter Blue Small Components: $300


Barrel Porting on the 45 Degree

  • 2 pill shaped port: $150

  • 6 slots (3 per side): $225


Cleaning Services (includes re-oiling)

  • Shotguns:  Strip, Clean and Inspect: $50

  • Shotguns:  Strip, Clean and Inspect: $225 (SxS or O/U)

  • Glocks:  Ultra-Sonic Cleaning $30

  • Glocks:  Strip, Clean, Polish and Smooth $60

  • 1911:  Strip, clean and Inspect $45

  • Revolvers:  Ultra-Sonic Cleaning $35

  • Rifles: Bolt Action $30

  • Rifles: Lever Action--Strip and Clean $45

  • Rifles: Semi-auto $45


Wood Engraving

  • There is a wide range of pricing for custom wood engraving.  Please call us at 928-925-6057.  An initial might be as low as $40, however detailed engraving such as the pheasant hunting scene and forearm can run $3000 for the entire gun.  I'm glad to do estimates based on what you would like.


Concealed Carry Classes

  • Dave and Gene are both NRA certified pistol instructors and offer occasional concealed carry classes.

  • Four participants are preferred, but arrangements can often be made relative to our schedules -- $110 per person


Gun and Knife (small parts) Heat Treating Services

  • Hardening and tempering for low carbon, high carbon and stainless steels.  We use a precision controlled heat treating furnace.   Consult with Dave directly at 602-290-1469.  Be sure to have the type of steel, thickness in question and the dimensions.  Average cost for a knife (Batch of 4 minimum) is $40 and does not include warp removal or finishing services

  • Warp removal minimum charge is $10 

  • Color case hardening

Black Oxide finishing

Self Defense Ladies Hairsticks $20 each (includes USPS)

  • Each stick is custom forged using mild steel or stainless steel.  No Sharp edges and the twists aid in retention.  No two are alike.   Avg 7" long.  Order one for each of your loved ones or inquire about becoming a wholesaler.  Mild steel is finished with a burnt on linseed oil giving it a rustic black finish similar to wrought iron. 


Do not see what you need, give us a call our use our chat feature to the bottom right to reach us.

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