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Family Business built on Family Values

With today’s wide variety of firearms, their mechanical operation and required maintenance can be both intimidating and confusing for many – especially first-time gun owners. That’s why our High Chaparral Gunsmiths are so beneficial to our customers. Each of our certified gunsmiths are trained to offer the best in personal service to keep your firearm functioning at its best level of performance and reliability.

Our gunsmiths are there to clean your gun, repair it, or modify it to better suit your personal needs. And, they’re outfitted with the skills to do the job right the first time.

MESA, AZ location is available for limited non gunsmith services. FFL pending.   Reach out to Dave for Heat treating, color case hardening, black oxide, tempering and for your very own handmade forged self defense hairsticks.  Visit High Chaparral Creatives to learn more.

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